The 2018 season begins August 1st. The regular season runs through the end of October. The season will continue through the end of November if the team/squad qualifies for regionals or through mid-December if the team/squad qualifies for Nationals.

No team/squad may schedule more than 10 hours of practice per week before Labor Day. A week is defined as seven (7) consecutive calendar days (Mon-Sun). Not more than 2-1/2 hours of practice may be scheduled on any one day.

During the month of August, practices are held 4 days a week. Each practice is 2 - 2.5 hours. It is not mandatory for a squad to practice the FULL 10 allotted hours.

After Labor Day, the practice schedule is reduced to 3 days per week; 2 hours each practice (not to exceed 2 hours per day). It is not mandatory for a squad to practice the full 6 allotted hours. In addition, cheerleaders cheer at the football games, which are held on Sundays.

If a cheer squad qualifies for regionals, practices will continue throughout the month of November with regional competition held mid-November.

If a cheer squad qualifies for nationals, practices will continue for the first week of December, and travel to Orlando, Florida will take place in December.

The specific practice schedule will be determined based on facility available and team placement. Generally, participants have been able to manage participating in school activities held on an after school basis simultaneous with Pop Warner. No participant that is committed to Pop Warner for the Season will be allowed to participate in an ALL-Star Cheer/Dance Program starting from July 30th-December.



Due to the nature of the sport, a practice missed by one cheerleader has a significant impact on the squad, particularly on that cheerleader’s stunt group. Please make an effort to schedule your family vacations during June and July. Though we allow some flexibility for pre-arranged vacations, August is a critical month where skill sets are being evaluated and positions determined.



Each cheerleader will be required to purchase cheer shoes, socks and boy shorts. The Falcons will provide you with your cheerleading uniform. You will however be responsible to purchase the following items to accompany your uniform:

  • Boy shorts to be worn under your skirt
  • White cheer sneakers (your team will advise style chosen) to be worn on game/competition day
  • Socks (your team will advise style chosen)



Your cheerleading uniform should be well taken care of. Remember, this is Falcons Property and should be maintained and handed back in the same manner with which it was received. When washing your uniform, always pre-treat any stains. The uniform should be washed in cool/warm water, and then line dried. Falcon-issued uniforms should be worn by the cheerleader and for Falcons games/functions only. When it is uniform return time, you will be asked to return your skirt and top, freshly washed and folded. Failure to take proper care and failure to return all pieces at the end of the season will result in the forfeiture of your Uniform an Equipment Bond.



There is a local competition in which all teams participate. JVC will hold a competition in mid- October. Flag and Mitey-Mite are exhibition-only. This offers the teams an opportunity to receive constructive feedback from a judging team in a non-competitive environment. This is also, a time to have fun and show off!

Regional Championships are held mid-November. First and second place teams at Regional’s qualify for Nationals.

National Championships are held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida in early December. Pop Warner provides some competitive travel packages to offset the cost of this trip, which typically involves a 3- or 4-night stay in Orlando, complete with a park-hopper pass and meal tickets. Three to four days of school will be missed, and Pop Warner provides letters to the schools to explain the absence.

Volunteers under 18 years of age- A Student Demo must be with a rostered coach, and must comply with the same procedures as a rostered cheerleader/player. A Student Demo can earn credit for volunteering as a Student Demo. A form may be required for the coordinator/ coach to approve their volunteered time. The Student Demo would then need to turn in this paper to their sports director.

If you would like additional information please contact our Head Cheer Commissioner, Renee Brandt at

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